LAU is about teaching us to be confident in our daily choices, she values comfort and ease and wakes up each day with intention.

‘I have created LAU for the women who are driven by the pursuit of quality, comfort and ease’. Laura

About LAU.

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    "Absolutely in love with my new LAU shirt. You can just tell all the little details in the shirt are so thought out. I feel so great every time I put this shirt on"
    - Dani

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    “I’ve looked for the perfect oversized white linen shirt for ages, and am so glad I found LAU. The silhouette is so effortlessly easy”
    - Brooke

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    "The comfiest and coolest shirt I've ever worn. Thanks LAU!"
    - Jess

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Each capsule is designed with you in mind. Our ethos of simple dressing is at the core of our design making process. Discover our latest collection.

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