About & Values

Founder Laura Stevenson began the journey of LAU when she came across the problem of dressing comfortably for everyday life. The need to feel stylish, and comfortable but not daggy was a something I was constantly struggling with. I wanted to create something that was easy to wear and looked oversized on purpose. This began the journey of LAU and mission to make other women feel happy, confident and relaxed wearing LAU. “I want women to feel empowered when they wear LAU. Almost like a cape, they can be whoever they want to be when they put on the clothes. There are no boundaries in overcoming obstacles”

Every piece that LAU produces has a purpose. It is empowering attire and it plays a part in our wardrobes. Our values are something we hold close to our chest and refer back to them daily.

We value comfort and ease, we value simplicity and believe each style has a purpose. We want LAU to be a sustainable brand. We understand that fast fashion is all around us. Therefore, when you’ve had your time with LAU, we encourage those to donate, or upcycle your LAU. We get satisfaction out of knowing you are passing it on. have partnered with Ecologi, a platform for real climate action. We want to do our bit to help our environment and for every sale on our website, we plant a tree.

Coming from a buying and planning background(working for Zimmermann and Lee Mathews) I’ve been on the other side of the fashion world. Which has given me great knowledge in understanding the consumer and what is really needed from brands these days.


Based in Sydney, Australia. The LAU pieces are dreamed up and sent off to our factories in Bali. We work really closely with our production team and manufacturers in Bali to create the perfect product. Sourcing the best factories and using ethical practices to bring the LAU pieces to life. Our factories all employee Indonesian locals and pay above award wage for their roles. Each member is treated with upmost respect and all religious holidays are respected and honoured. Our commitment to limited waste is at the core of our business plan and in line with our factory’s values. We do small runs to reduce our carbon footprint and to minimise any unwanted garments.

We love this journey we have embarked on and we hope you come along for this ride with us. 

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